Treatment of fracture related infections in low-income countries (LICs)

This webinar, dedicated to the "Treatment of fracture related infections in low-income countries (LICs)", held on June 26, 2017, has been developed in collaboration with orthopedic trauma surgeons practicing in those environments.

Fracture related infections are highly prevalent and potentially serious, and orthopedic surgeons are frequently faced with preventing and treating them. Wherever or however they are acquired, these pathogen-based conditions are among the most challenging to address effectively. The scenario in developing countries is different than in high-income countries because many patients report late, beyond 24 hours, without receiving proper first aid such as wound toilet, dressing and temporary immobilization. The paucity of antibiotics and other technical resources challenge the best of surgeons to address and manage these acute and chronic scenarios.

 This complimentary AO Alliance Webinar will present how best to treat fracture related infections in LICs. Participants will be able to describe algorithms that exist for infections and recognize their value for improving patient outcome, apply a structured approach to making the diagnosis, execute specific algorithms for managing early and late infections and implement the correct treatment for the specific infection based on anatomical region, implant related or not and how to stabilize the injury.

 Our AO Alliance orthopedic trauma surgeons, with extensive knowledge of and expertise in such situations, will present and moderate the webinar in English and in French.