Treatment of pediatric elbow injuries in LICs

The webinar “Treatment of pediatric elbow injuries in low-income countries”, held on April 11, 2016, was given by experts in the field, AO Alliance (AOA) pediatric trauma surgeons Dr Leonard Banza (Malawi) and Dr Florent Anicet Lekina (Cameroon). Serious injuries affecting children in low-income countries can be particularly cruel and are often exacerbated by inaccessible or unaffordable emergency care. However, with skilled management, appropriate to a limited-resource setting, many of these children can return to normal lives. The webinar aims to help viewers to: recognize and diagnose elbow fractures and related elbow injuries in children and adolescents; explain the serious nature of these fractures and how they can be overlooked; define treatment options and attitudes in low-income countries with limited resources; and prevent, identify, and manage complications